[K]🕒 The „Old Polish Clock” Screen Saver 🕒
You have opened an official page of „Old Polish Clock” screen saver. Our model is a replica from the turning point of XIX and XX century.
The screen saver has been developed in three-dimensional technology (3D).
You could download it from this page free of charge.
Download through the Internet - 🕒 The „Old Polish Clock” Screen Saver 🕒 1.6.0 For Windows

Info:The filenameEnchantedCrayonSetup1.6.0.exe
The file size is79.54 MiB
The SHA-256 checksum12ca08db838b594220b1f9d419ae783d030283a4bfbec6adf06e6fa9efa7b5d8
System:Operating SystemApplication for Windows X86 and X64 (tablet/notebook/desktop)
Minimal requirementsSSE2, DirectX Feature Level 10.0, Video RAM - 512MB, 1GB RAM, Windows 7 32bit together with updates, 250 MB in system HDD, sound card compatible with XAudio2
Optimal requirementsIntel Core I3, GeForce GTX 650, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit together with updates, Monitor Full HD 16:9
Support I18NEnglish, Polish, and Russian