🎨 The Enchanted Crayon Colouring Book 🎨


The Enchanted Crayon is a virtual colouring book for children age 3 and above.

It enables child’s contact with a computer. It teaches children how to make a choice and basic computer skills.
There are 12 pictures to select from. A child can select a picture for colouring. There is a palette of colours available for colouring. Coloured drawings can be printed. Pictures can also be printed out for colouring by hand. Auto-save option is also available. Each drawing is saved with its choice of colours.
Pictures are of various difficulty levels with appropriate amount of elements for colouring. Animals are the current picture theme. Future features include pictures with more themes.
There are two access rights available. Children can use basic functions, i.e. choosing a picture and colouring. Adults have access to advanced features.
Settings are available from main menu. Children’s access to various functions can be set there, i.e. hiding an exit icon so closing the application becomes harder. Similarly printing option can be disabled for children so printing is only done under supervision. Access to tools with elevated privileges is activated after pressing the key with the Windows / Start icon. Similarly pressing the button again hides the elements intended for adults only. In the case of increased access, you can go from the main menu to the settings window. In the settings, you can provide additional buttons for children and change the configuration of graphic support in the application.
The Enchanted Crayon for PCs, tablets, and notebooks is compatible with a mouse, Xbox controller, as well as a touchpad. Sound is required as help is incorporated as audio. Printing is available only with a default printer for logged in user. This makes it easier for children.

Have fun The Enchanted Crayon Team

You could download the program free of charge.

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